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Grades 1 - 7


Our aftercare offers a caring and homely environment for children to play, do their homework and relax. All children who attend our aftercare change into civvies after school so that aftercare feels like home rather than school!

Modern facilities

Our modern aftercare facilities are on the school premises and include spacious, bright rooms and a kitchenette. Our younger children especially love climbing on the big jungle gym, which is surrounded by a safe area of artificial grass. The entire aftercare area is fenced off and access is carefully monitored through a signing in and out system. 

Homework and play

A team of six ensures that working parents have peace of mind about their children’s well-being after school hours. There is a daily homework routine but children also have time to play board and team games, read and be read to, bake or play with specially chosen educational toys like they would at home. Our staff ensure that children in their care attend extramural activities and sport matches too.

Holiday care

Another bonus for working parents is our holiday programme filled with exciting activities and run by our experienced aftercare staff. All children at PNPS can attend this programme, including those who do not attend aftercare.

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